Why PSA Business Services

Our founding principle was to analyse complex issues and provide implementable solutions to practising managers. This emphasis on implement-ability and pragmatism continues to be our DNA. At PSA, we are equally interested in the post-recommendation phase of our engagement and take pride in seeing our efforts bear fruit for our clients. We combine widely accepted management concepts and frameworks with core business principles to come up with relevant, practical and implementable solutions.

Complex issues need to be resolved using a combination of innovation and intelligence. We strive to ensure that innovation is not merely a watchword at PSA Consulting but it is embodied in all our engagements. Whether we are developing distribution strategies or charting growth strategies or conducting a gap analysis, we ensure that our creative, out-of-the-box solutions provide our clients with the additional value that our expertise and experience is expected to deliver.

We believe in working with the client and not for the client. This statement projects our ability to carry the client organisation along as we move from problem identification to solution development to implementation. We believe that in order for people to own a solution they must be involved not only in its execution but also its development so that the rationale and the spirit behind the solution is well-known and universally accepted. Our teams work closely with client teams in analysing data and its impact on the business to extract insights that are used to draw conclusions resulting in a solution for the problem at hand. Client team members get an opportunity to witness the problem identification and resolution process first hand leading to stronger buy-in and solution conviction at later stages.

Our consultants have worked on assignments dealing with issues related to market landscaping, growth strategy, entry strategy, performance improvement, distribution strategy, cost management, techno-economic feasibility studies, customer management studies, etc. These studies have been done against the backdrop of a range of verticals including automotive, auto components, commodity chemicals, speciality chemicals, agri-business, consumer goods, capital goods, financial services, etc. This rich experience has provided the company with a strong horizontal and vertical spread enabling it to draw upon its experience and expertise in dealing with complex issues that most businesses face in today’s times.